Wille Optim 1500

Wille Optim De-icing Solution Spreader

The solution spreader is used for spreading saline solution on streets, cycle paths and pavements, which allows you to keep them free of ice throughout the winter. The amount to be spread is automatically adjusted to the machine’s driving speed. You can choose the working width to be the central area of the spreader, or in addition the left or ride side, or both of them. The attachment is controlled from the display unit located in the cabin. Owing to the multi-hole nozzle, the saline solution does not spread as mist into the air. The baffle plates inside the tank prevent the solvent from splashing when travelling between locations.

  • Working width adjustable between 2.5 to 5 m
  • Maximum flow by a single press of a button
  • The tank is filled through two stainless and easy-to-clean filters
  • The pump with a separate vacuum filter
  • Spreading ramp with a separate elevation adjustment
  • Supports for storing
  • A 15-metre hose reel for manual cleaning is available as an option
  • The machine must be equipped with electrical readiness for the solution spreader
1500 l
Working width
2500-5000 mm
Spread amount
10-60 g/m²
Spreading speed
maksimi 30 km/h
De-icing Solution Spreader