Wille Optim Rotary brush

Wille Optim rotary brush is just the right kind of work attachment for cleaning the ground of leaves, snow and sand. The brush is equipped with a sprinkler nozzle for dust suppression as standard equipment.

  • For use all year round
  • The ends of the cylinder are free, making it possible to brush next to walls or kerbs
  • The lateral tilt of ± 6º makes it possible to achieve a good sweeping result 
  • Hydraulic angle adjustment of ± 27°
  • Vertical floating movement of the cylinder of approximately 300 mm allows the cylinder to follow the elevations on the ground surface
  • Shock-dampers for smoother sweeping movement
  • Changing the lamella is easy; no need to demount the hydraulic motor

Rotary brush 140

Min. working width1250 mm
Max. working width1400 mm
Weight320 kg

Rotary brush 170

Min. working width1515 mm
Max. working width1700 mm
Weight400 kg

Rotary brush 200

Min. working width1780 mm
Max. working width2000 mm
Weight450 kg

Rotary brush 240

Min. working width2040 mm
Max. working width2400 mm
Weight480 kg

Rotary brush 270

Min. working width2400 mm
Max. working width2700 mm
Weight510 kg

Rotary brush 320

Min. working width2850 mm
Max. working width3200 mm
Weight560 kg