Wille 875 Delta equipped with Wille Optim Multi-function Bucket

Wille Optim Multi-function bucket

The multi-function bucket is designed for collecting and loading snow from yards and parking areas Owing to the wings, it can also be used for plowing To collect snow, you can use the wings to widen the plowing width by one third or choose to use only one of them. Spring-loaded blades guarantee that the attachment does not start to steer the machine, but rather makes it adjust to the movements of the machine and the shape of the ground surface. The swing cylinders in wings are equipped with safety valves which prevent damage should the bucket bang against an obstacle. For the wearing surface, in addition to a straight-edged blade, a punched blade is available, which leaves the ground less slippery and slightly more rough after snow plowing.

  • Optionally available with straight-edged or punched blade
  • Wings equipped with spring-loaded blades
  • Swing cylinders equipped with safety valves which prevent damage in collisions

Multi-function Bucket 750

Volume750 l
Min. working width1720 mm
Max. working width2685 mm
Weight290 kg

Multi-function Bucket 1000

Volume1000 l
Min. working width1825 mm
Max. working width3000 mm
Weight385 kg

Multi-function Bucket 1500

Volume1500 l
Min. working width2100 mm
Max. working width3590 mm
Weight575 kg

Multi-function Bucket 2000

Volume2000 l
Min. working width2500 mm
Max. working width4000 mm
Weight685 kg