The protective equipment is mounted in the machine on purpose

The machines and work attachments contain several shields and other safety equipment, such as certain seat connectors or stopping devices related to using the machines. Removing the shields or weakening the working capacity of the safety devices is strictly forbidden. The mounting of the shields and proper functioning of the safety equipment after service must be ensured before starting to use the machine.

The employer or the person responsible for making the change is also responsible for making sure that the security level of the machine is not weakened accidently or on purpose. The person who removed the protective equipment, may turn out to also be responsible for an accident that occurred to another person, which results from missing or inoperative protective equipment.

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Beware of moving parts

Never remove the shields mounted on the machine or its attachment or come close to the attachments when they are running. Rotating parts, such as axles, belts, blades and chains cause a serious danger of entanglement.

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Beware of sharp objects

The cutter blades or the radiator impellers of the engine compartment cause the threat of incision or cutting. Do not go near the attachments that are in operation or work under the motor hood when the engine is running.

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Beware of hot surfaces

There are hot surfaces in the engine compartment under the motor hood after the engine has been running. Observe caution when working in the engine compartment.

The person who removed the protective equipment, may turn out to also be responsible for an accident that occurred to another person.

Pay special attention to the safety of work attachments as well. The matters to be observed are, for example:

  • The guard grating and the chain casing of the container of the sand spreader must be in place
  • The guards of the lawnmower blade and belts must be in place
  • The seat connectors of the cutters must be in operation so that the cutter will function only if the operator is seated in the cabin.
  • The limit switches of the access platform must be in place, and their operation must have been inspected

If you have to remove any of the protective covers for repairing a malfunction or a failure, ensure first that the engine has been stopped and the power supply to the work attachment has been switched off. Additional safety equipment, such as service supports for the cylinders, may be required during servicing or repairing the machine. Always exercise particular caution and follow the operating, service and safety instructions in all exceptional situations.