Wille Optim High-pressure washer

Wille Optim high-pressure washers are ideal for removal of fine-grained dirt and dust from the asphalt. For a smoother washing result, the washer directs water evenly to each nozzle. You can turn the nozzle pipe and decide the direction in which the dirt is to be removed. With the help of a hose reel, you can clean places that are hard to access, such as gateways, etc. The baffle plates inside the tank make the motion smoother when travelling between locations. In connection with the collecting sweeper you can use the washer tank water for dust suppression.

  • The refill water is filtered by three stainless, easy-to-clean filters.
  • The nozzle pipe can be turned hydraulically
  • A 15-metre hose reel for manual cleaning is available as an option
  • Support legs for storing
Max. pressure
Max flow
High-pressure washer 550
550 l
130 bar
30 l/min
230 kg
High-pressure washer 1000
1000 l
150 bar
45 l/min
435 kg
High-pressure washer 1500
1500 l
150 bar
90 l/min
635 kg