Wille 375 Delta
Wille 375 Delta

Wille 375Δ

Amazingly versatile and agile.

A front loader with extensive outreach, hydraulic flow sufficient for multiple work attachments and a wide range of optional equipment available are features that make the Wille 375Δ amazingly versatile: with one single machine, you can achieve more than with a mini-tractor or a wheel loader of the same size.

Kohler KDI 1903TCR
42 kW / 56 hv
Lifting force in upper/lower position
7,4 / 17,7 kN
Lifting height
2735 mm
Max motorhydraulic flow
0-55 +35 + 20 l/min, 110 l/min
1430 mm
4135 mm
2130 mm
1955 mm
Outer turning radius
3570 mm
2960 kg
Driving speed
0-38 km/h
Noise level: inside
72 dBA
Noise level: outside
101 dBA



Wille 375 Delta varustettuna avoharjalla

A lookout office with changing landscapes

Ergonomic, comfortable, good visibility – this is what a good cabin is made of. In Wille’s cabin, you can easily reach the functions you need in the course of your work. The operator has free visibility towards the work attachment in the front, and it is easy for him/her to see around through the side and rear windows. Our customers have appraised the cabin as neat and finished. Do you agree?

Traktori symboli

Wille is also available in tractor version

Normally classified as a motor vehicle, the Wille 375Δ is also optionally available in a tractor version. There are also more options for using a trailer: tow anything that is approved for road transport or why not a trailer full of snow, leaves or any other items – taking into account the weight restrictions, of course.

Wille 375 Delta, josta konepeitto irroitettu

Access to service points

The engine bonnet of the Wille machines opens completely thus making checking of fluid levels in the engine compartment and servicing of the machine easier. If necessary, the bonnet can be slid open and removed by lifting. After the service, the bonnet can be closed simply by sliding it back. Easy access to the engine compartment reduces the time required for maintenance and inspection allowing this time to be used for productive work instead. The fuses and circuit boards that are located on the right-hand side of the cab can be easily accessed from outside via an opening door. A clear fuse map on the inside of the door shows where the fuses are located.

Wille 375 Delta varustettuna avoharjalla

Get the job done at once

In Wille the work attachments can be connected to the front, to the rear and on top of the bonnet. All the equipment required for multiple work stages can be attached at once: you can sprinkle the road while brushing, and transport up to ten times more water on top of the bonnet than what the washer’s own water tank can hold. Plough snow, spread sand and fill the sand spreader from the platform on one tour. This will save you both time and fuel as you don’t have to return to where you started from to change equipment or fill the tanks before the job is finished.

Wille 375 Delta varustettuna avoharjalla

Reach Higher

The Wille 375Δ is a combination of the agility of a small and the outreach of a large machine with the front loader as standard equipment. The front loader makes the machine more versatile: for example in winter you can plough snow, pile it up to high masses or load it on a platform for removal.

Antitheft system logo

Electronic immobiliser increases safety during use

The optional Anti-Theft System of Wille provides increased security for the owner and operators of Wille by preventing unauthorised use of the machine: if the reader is not activated, the electronic immobiliser prevents the machine from starting.



Soil bucket 400
Snow bucket 800
Multi-function Bucket 750
HT-bucket 550
Rotary brush 170
Collecting sweeper 205


Access platform
Sand spreader 250

Over the engine

High-pressure washer 550
Sprinkling tank 550
Platform 230
Leaf collector/blower 900
Disc Spreader 450