Wille 475 Delta equipped with high-pressure washer

HSEQ Policy

Our Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy (HSEQ Policy) aims to describe our direction and approach to HSEQ issues to our employees and stakeholders. The content of the HSEQ Policy is reviewed annually, and it supports our strategy in our efforts to achieve our vision.

The activities of Wihuri Oy Technical Trade are guided by the Wihuri Code of Conduct, our own principles, our commitments and Wihuri’s values: Openness, Reliability, Innovativeness and Profitability.

To improve our health, safety, environmental and quality performance, we are committed to

  • meeting customer expectations and requirements and improving customer satisfaction. For us, quality means meeting the requirements and delivering what has been agreed upon.
  • continuously improving our operations based on external and internal feedback, risk management and changes in the operating environment.
  • operating in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and continuous improvement, as well as anticipating, reducing and preventing harm to the environment and people’s health and safety caused by our operations, products and services.
  • monitoring the energy consumption of our properties and continuously improving their energy efficiency.
  • helping our customers reduce the environmental impact of their operations by providing the best and most environmentally advanced products, services and solutions in the industry.
  • promoting awareness of HSEQ issues among our employees through communication and training.
  • prioritising modern, energy-saving technologies and sustainable, long-term solutions in our investment projects.
  • working safely and in a way that promotes well-being at work in cooperation with our employees and stakeholders.
  • complying with all local and international laws and regulations relating to our activities.

For us, developing the HSEQ culture in the right direction involves the following:

  • Each of us is entitled and obliged to address any quality, environmental or safety shortcomings that we identify.
  • We develop our operating models and processes to be more cost-effective without compromising quality, the environment or occupational safety.
  • HSEQ is part of the management of a profitable and responsible business.
  • If we make a mistake despite our best efforts, we will take responsibility for it and correct it.

We also require our partners and suppliers to have good environmental, health, safety and quality management standards and share our commitment to HSEQ issues.