Wille 475 Delta equipped with high-pressure washer

Quality policy

Wille Machines Oy follows the quality policy of Wihuri Technical Trade. The goal of Wihuri Technical Trade is to collaborate with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders in such a manner that the cooperation is mutually beneficial. The cornerstones of our activities are the values of the Wihuri company: Transparency, Reliability, Innovation and Profitability.

The key feature is the continuous development of our activities based on the internal and external feedback, as well as the changes in the operating environment. By means of transparency of operations we ensure that everyone is aware how his or her work is reflected to the overall objectives. The management of Wihuri Technical Trade is committed to creating adequate conditions for realisation of the targeted quality.

The management of Wihuri Technical Trade is committed to comply with this quality policy and expect the same from the staff. Each employee is responsible for the quality of his or her own work and the service that he or she renders. We expect the same also from our suppliers.