Wille 275Δ

EngineKohler KDI 1903TCR
Output50 kW / 67 hp (42 kW / 56 hp in North America)
Lifting force in upper/lower position12 / 13 kN
Lifting height650 mm
Max motorhydraulic flow55 + 35 + 20 l/min, 110 l/min
Tyres265/70R16, 205/80R16
Width1175 / 1355 mm
Length3350 mm
Height1990 mm
Wheelbase1900 mm
Outer turning radius2970 mm
Weight2180 kg
Driving speed40 km/h
Noise level: inside
Noise level: outside

Wille 375Δ

EngineKohler KDI 1903TCR
Output42 kW / 56 hv
Lifting force in upper/lower position7,4 / 17,7 kN
Lifting height2735 mm
Max motorhydraulic flow0-55 +35 + 20 l/min, 110 l/min
Width1430 mm
Length4135 mm
Height2130 mm
Wheelbase1955 mm
Outer turning radius3570 mm
Weight2960 kg
Driving speed0-38 km/h
Noise level: inside72 dBA
Noise level: outside101 dBA

Wille 465

EngineKohler KDI 2504 TCR
Output55,4 kW / 74,3 hp
Lifting force in upper/lower position11.6 / 24.7 kN , 2610 / 5550 lbf
Lifting height2800 mm, 110″
Max motorhydraulic flow0-80 + 52 l/min, 0-21.2 + 13.7 gpm, 132 l/min, 34.9 gpm
Tyres305/70R16, 380/60R15
Width1655 mm, 65″
Length4270 mm, 168″
Height2175 mm, 85.5″
Wheelbase2090 mm, 82″
Outer turning radius3750 mm, 147.5″
Weight3420 kg, 7500 lbs
Driving speed0-40 kmph, 0-25 mph
Noise level: inside
Noise level: outside

Wille 865

EngineKohler KDI 3404 TCR-SCR
Output100 kW / 136 hp
Lifting force in upper/lower position42.5 / 65.8 kN , 9550 / 14800 lbf
Lifting height3740 mm , 147″
Max motorhydraulic flow 0-145 + 55 l/min , 0-38.3 + 14.5 gpm, 200 l/min, 52.8 gpm
Tyres 460/65R24, 500/60R22,5
Width2150 mm , 85″
Length5480 mm , 216″
Height2490 mm , 98″
Wheelbase2675 mm , 105,5″
Outer turning radius4800 mm , 189″
Weight7050 kg , 15500 lbs
Driving speed0-50 kmph, 0-31mph *)
Noise level: inside
Noise level: outside

*) 50 kmph speed is available only where it is allowed. The maximum speed of the machine is limited due to the legislation in some countries.

The noise level at the driver’s seat: ISO 6396:2008
The noise level outside the machine (sound power level): ISO 6395:2008

Find the right Wille for your need

It is important to have a base machine, that fits to your needs perfectly. Wille family covers various areas of environment and property maintenance work.

Wille is exceptionally strong considering its size. The line-up comprises five models ranging from 2 to 7 tonnes. Compared with wheeled loaders in the same weight category, Wille’s engine delivers about 60 % higher output. This power is mostly required to drive the hydraulic work attachments, and when carrying heavy loads on the road. Depending on the model, the travel speed is 36-50 kmph.

In addition to weight and physical size the ability of the loader as well as the hydraulics play a crucial part when deciding the best machine for your use. Also Wille models upwards from 375 are equipped with powerful front loader as default, which widens the abilities of the machine. Especially during winter, when the maintenance work is most crucial and expensive, Wille’s unparalleled efficiency shows.

One of Wille’s strengths is its wide range of available work attachments. These are easy to procure and effortless to change. Their compatibility with the base unit is ideal, which means that the machine can be operated efficiently and safely all year round.

Wille’s sales and after-sales operations are in reliable hands. Wille is a long-term investment with an exceptionally high second-hand value. Wille’s high quality, capacity and productivity have helped it stay number one on the Nordic market for many years.

If you need any help with making the decision, our sales representatives are more than happy to help you with your decision process.