Service Kit

A reliable means to service the Wille environmental management machine is to use a Wille service kit acquired in accordance with the chassis number. It contains all of the parts needed for a scheduled service, no matter whether a new or a machine with a longer work history is being serviced.

Service kits are entities that have been put together separately for each Wille model, making it easy and cost-efficient for you to perform the scheduled service. The service kits include all parts that need to be replaced in the service as well as a check list of operations to guarantee that all operations belonging to the service are covered. In addition to scheduled service, all you needs are the lubricants and liquids.

A service kit is:

  • Easy to acquire
  • Easy to carry
  • Always equipped with the correct parts

For every machine model, there are service kits in three different sizes, the content of which varies slightly depending on whether the machine needs a first service at 200 hours, a service at 500 hours, or a more thorough service at 1,000 hours of use.

One single kit with thorough service and carefree hours of use.

A service kit will save your time and money when the content of the service kit guarantees the compatibility of the parts with your machine as well as that every part is serviced. The work done according to the checklist guarantees secure and carefree hours of use for the machine.

Service kit example (Wille 855c 1000h):

  • Motor oil filter
  • Fuel filters
  • Flush filter for the hydraulics
  • Return filter or the hydraulics
  • Pressure filter or the hydraulics
  • Breather cap for the hydraulics
  • Air filter for the cabin heater
  • Engine air filter, Outer
  • Engine air filter, Inner
  • Radiator belts
  • Coppergaskets and O-rings
  • Maintenance checklist