An important future development target for Wille Machines Oy is the safety of both its employees and the products it is manufacturing.

The aim is to develop the safety of the machine in their design, manufacturing and service. Our machines are compliant with EU legislation and the related harmonised standards. As a proof of that, all of our machines are equipped with a CE marking, and a certificate of conformity is delivered together with the machines. We also believe that the safety of the machines is best developed in cooperation with our customers. Therefore, we have collected some information on these pages concerning the safety of the machines.

The risks related to the use of our machines are considered already in the design phase, and minimisation of risks is one of the basic principles of our design.

The mobile machine operator is always to some extent exposed to certain adverse factors, such as noise and vibration. In the environmental management tasks, the operator may during a working day also be subjected to unergonomic working positions, cold or hot conditions, rain or dust. We have attempted to minimise these handicaps in the design of the machine, and especially those of the cabin. The uses and work arrangements of the machines have a significant impact on being exposed to these handicaps. It is ultimately the operator’s and his/her employer’s responsibility to ensure safe use of the machine. At Vilakone, we have made several surveys on the safety matters related to our machines, and our customers have the opportunity to receive more information from our experts with regard to the assessment of risks and exposure factors.

The risks related to the use of our machines are considered already in the design phase, and minimisation of risks is one of the basic principles of our design. Accidents are, however, always possible, when a mobile work machine is used in public areas and in road traffic. Significant causes of risks with our machines targeted to environmental maintenance in varying conditions are, for example, changing working conditions, traffic risks, and dangerous situations related to human activities. Dangerous situations may cause harm to the operator and outsiders, or they may cause material damage to the machine itself or to its environment. Sometimes damage can be prevented by matters that may seem ordinary or minor:

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Use the machine correctly

The operators must always familiarise themselves with the Operator’s Guide of the machine and its attachments. The safety instructions given in the Operator’s Guide must be observed. The limitations set for the conditions and ways of use of the machine and applicable attachments must also be taken into account.

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Service the machine in time and in a correct manner

The maintenance of a machine is important to ensure it safety and working condition. Perform the service and checks in time and fix any defects observed. Observe the servicing instructions of the machine, or have it serviced by a professional.

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Take notice of the hazard area

The machine operator is also responsible for the safety of outsiders. Always take notice of the risk area around the machine and its work attachment. The machine must not be left running alone and working is not allowed when there are outsiders in the risk area of the machine.

The employer is also responsible for the machines

The owner company is as an employer always responsible for the safety of its employees and in accordance with the Government Decree on the Safe Use and Inspection of Work Equipment, also for the machines used in the company. The employer is, for example, responsible for giving guidance to using the machine, compatibility of the machine and its attachment, ensuring the working condition of the machine and the assessment of the risks related to the machine.

As a machine manufacturer, we also recommend systematic safety management to our customers and aim at providing sufficient information on our machines to succeed in this respect.