Wille 865

The biggest and the boldest of Wille family.

The Wille 865 is really a multi-functional wheel loader, whose work attachments can also be connected to the rear lift or to the top of the engine compartment. The most powerful operating hydraulic system on the market with two hydraulic circuits, and a load-sensing variable displacement pump is a standard feature. The combined flow of the motor hydraulics is 200 lpm, which is particularly needed when driving a snow blower under tough conditions. Wille is low, agile and able to work smoothly even in narrow places.

Wille machines are equipped with the new more effective Kohler KDI 100 kW engine (EU Off Road Stage 4). Automatic EcoDrive (AED) reduces RPM in transfer speed and saves fuel and lowers emission app. 25 %. The machines never lack power even during tough transport driving or when ploughing heavy snow. The lifting forces are equivalent to those of a wheel loader of the same size. Its transfer speed is max. 50 kph which can be limited if necessary.

Kohler KDI 3404 TCR-SCR
100 kW / 136 hp
Lifting force in upper/lower position
42.5 / 65.8 kN , 9550 / 14800 lbf
Lifting height
3740 mm , 147"
Max motorhydraulic flow
0-145 + 55 l/min , 0-38.3 + 14.5 gpm, 200 l/min, 52.8 gpm
460/65R24, 500/60R22,5
2150 mm , 85"
5480 mm , 216"
2490 mm , 98"
2675 mm , 105,5"
Outer turning radius
4800 mm , 189"
7050 kg , 15500 lbs
Driving speed
0-50 kmph, 0-31mph *)
Wille 865

An office with a view

Ergonomic, comfortable, good visibility – this is what a good cabin is made of. In Wille’s cabin, you can easily reach the functions you need in the course of your work. The operator has free visibility towards the work attachment in the front, and it is easy for him/her to see around through the side and rear windows. Our customers have appraised the cabin as neat and finished. Do you agree?

Wille 465 screen

Everything under control

Easy-to-use multi-purpose display keeps you up to date. It guides the operator clearly, telling about the functions of the machine and potential exceptional situations.

Wille 865

Easy access to the engine compartment

To make it easier for you to check the liquids of the engine compartment or to service your Wille, our machines come with an entirely new, wholly opening motor hood. It can be slid open and lifted off from its position, when necessary. After the service, the motor hood is just as easy to slide back in its place. Easy access to the engine compartment shortens the time spent on the service and checks and frees time for productive work.

Wille 865 with attachments

Finish up the task at one go

Wille’s work attachments can be connected to the front or to the rear and on top of the motor hood. You can connect all of the attachments needed in multiple stages to Wille at the same time: sprinkle the road while brushing it, and keep up to 10 times more water on the motor hood than you can carry in a mere wash tank. Plough, spread sand and fill up the sand spreader from a platform during the same journey. You can save both time and fuel, as there is no need to return to replace the attachments or to fill up the tanks in the middle of your task.

Kohler KDI 3404 TCR-SCR

The emissions are remarkably low

Wille 865 is equipped with an engine that meets the latest emission standards, which together with a more advance hydraulic system offering a higher utility ratio makes the machine more environmentally friendly and economic.



Snow bucket 2500
Multi-function Bucket 2000
Leaf Bucket 1900
Soil bucket 1300
Rotary brush 240
Rotary brush 270
Rotary brush 320
CS 650


Access platform
Hydraulic rear blade 2500
Sand spreader 550 fixed
Sand spreader 550 tipping
Sand spreader 700 fixed
Sand spreader 700 tipping
De-icing Solution Spreader

Over the engine

High-pressure washer 1500
Hydraulic Platform 800
Disc Spreader 1000