Wille Optim Hydraulic Rear Blade

Use the hydraulic rear blade for roughening the surface of streets, cycle paths and parking areas. Roughening reduces the need for spreading more sand, as the existing sand will be exposed from under the ice The punched blades help level the uneven surface of frozen slosh. Rotary bits allow you to reduce slipperiness even from froze road surfaces. In summer use the rear blade can be used to roughen and remove any uneven spots on gravel roads.

  • Available with punched blades or with Sandvik´s rotary bits
  • Support wheels available as an accessory for summer use
  • Hydraulic tilt and swing
  • Floating movement in tilting and horizontally
Hydraulic Rear Blade
Hydraulic Rear Blade

Hydraulic rear blade 1800

Blade width1800 mm
Blade angle +/-25°
Blade tilt +/-10°
Weight680 kg

Hydraulic rear blade 2500

Blade width2500 mm
Blade angle +/-25°
Blade tilt +/-10°
Weight740 kg