Wille 275

Small and efficient partner for all seasons.

Wille 275 is robust and agile. The minimum width is 1,260 mm and minimum height 1,990 mm. Wille 275 has operating hydraulics with a flow of 110 lpm. Wille’s extensive range of work attachments and tyres makes it a perfect partner for you. Operator gives various possibilities to connect front and rear hydraulic flows of the machine depending on the work requirements.

Although Wille 275 is small in its size, it can easily deal with even with tough snow clearing operations. When Wille 275 is ploughing and blowing snow, loading and piling can easily be done with the high-tipping bucket.

In summer,  there is also plenty for Wille to do on green areas and asphalt. The wide lawn mower, leaf collector and high-pressure washer help keep areas clean and tidy.

Kohler KDI 1903TCR
42 kW / 56 hp
Lifting force in upper/lower position
12 / 13 kN
Lifting height
700 mm
Max motorhydraulic flow
55 + 35 + 20 l/min, 110 l/min
31x10.5-15, 31x15.5-15
1260/1320 mm
3500 mm
1990 mm
1740 mm
Outer turning radius
3200 mm
2260 kg
Driving speed
0-37 km/h
Noise level: inside
76 dBA
Noise level: outside
101 dBA
Wille 275 varustettuna ruohonleikkurilla

For narrow streets or grass

In addition to normal width, our smallest powerful machine is available as a narrow and a wide model. The narrowest model is only 1,260 mm in width, allowing it to plough snow even in narrow locations. The wide grass tyres make the machine particularly well-suited for lawn mowing, because wide tyres distribute the surface pressure on a larger area and make the machine more lawn friendly.

Wille 275 ilman konepeittoa

Easy access to the engine compartment

To make it easier for you to check the liquids of the engine compartment or to service your Wille, our machines come with an entirely new, entirely removable motor hood. It can be opened in three pieces (left, right, top), when necessary. After the service, the motor hood is just as easy to put back in its place. Easy access to the engine compartment shortens the time spent on the service and checks and frees time for productive work.



HT-bucket 550
Rotary brush 140


Sand spreader 180

Over the engine

Platform 230
Sprinkling tank 550
High-pressure washer 550
Leaf collector/blower 900
Disc Spreader 450